Blue Computer Solutions

Blue Computer Solutions,
owned by Mat and Hege Phillips, serves communities along the I-H 35 corridor in central Texas, including
Kyle, Buda, Austin, and San Marcos. 
Whether you need: 
– Blue Computer Solutions is your answer.
One call to Blue Computer Solutions, and all your PC computer headaches are gone!

Custom-built laptops and PCs

When you buy a new computer from Blue, we configure it and customize it for you. We’ll transfer all your old data and email, as well as install all of your applications for free. We bring it to your house or office and set it up for you. We make sure you’re comfortable with EVERYTHING. If you have any questions, you can call us and we’ll give you FREE answers. We also warranty all our work.

Computer tune-up

Starting at $150 you can have your PC or laptop fully tuned up by Blue Computer Solutions. We remove all of the spyware, virus and trojans that affect performance, and install better software to keep your computer safe. We install all of the updates that will improve security. We eliminate the junk programs and fraudulent and poor performing anti-virus software that slows your computer’s response to your needs. We optimize your settings so that it will perform better than when it was new. We even clean out the dust inside that can cause your computer to run hot and eventually shut down for good.

Install / evaluate data backup systems

Starting at about $150, Blue Computer Solutions will install a external backup that will protect all of your data, and we’ll even take the time to show you how to use it. If you use your PC or laptop for your business, think of what would happen if you lost all of your data. How would that impact the bottom line of your business? And how would you feel if you lost all of your digital photos? $125 is a small price to pay for this level of security and peace of mind.

Virus and trojan removal

Software installation

Computer upgrades

Memory upgrades

Network repair / configuration